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Justin Wicker


Justin Wicker

Coaching categories

Speed & agility, Basketball


Speed & agility:
Speed & Agility

No preference, Guard, Forward, Defender, Center, General Basketball

Key accomplishments

My name is Justin Wicker and I am entering my senior year at Reedy High. In the third grade, I was diagnosed with dyslexia and have preserved and thrived with this learning disability. I began playing recreational basketball at the age of five. I instantly fell in love with the sport and have played ever since. The positions I play are point guard and shooting guard. I have played school ball and competitively in AAU since the second grade. In middle school, I had the opportunity to work with younger kids and students with special needs. I enjoy sharing my wisdom of the game and supporting students who require extra time, patience, and attention. It is always my goal to show inclusion and a sense of belonging. I look forward to working with your child to help improve their skill set.

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