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Frisco, TX has built itself into “Sports City USA,” and it’s easy to see how. World-class venues dot this North Texas city, and Men’s Journal has even named it as the “Top Place to Raise an Athlete.” Player2Player aims to be part of Frisco’s rich tradition in sports by connecting young athletes with elite private coaches from local high schools.

What is Player2Player?

Elite high school players coaching young aspiring players – it’s that simple! Player2Player is based on the concept of providing parents of young athletes a network of high school-aged private coaches at an affordable price, in a convenient location, and without sacrificing quality instruction.

Is Player2Player in Frisco?

Player2Player started in Austin in 2018 and opened its Frisco location in February 2022.  Currently, Player2Player’s Frisco location has high school-aged coaches from Reedy High School, Wakeland High School, Frisco High School, Centennial High School, Independence High School, Memorial High School, Heritage High School, Lebanon Trail High School, and Lone Star High School ready to serve young players from beginning to advanced.

Why Player2Player?

Player2Player’s Frisco coaches are the perfect option for giving your child a positive introduction to sports by providing access to stellar training from elite high school athletes. Private lessons with local coaches help budding athletes develop better skills and provide a source of connection with the community. All of Player2Player’s coaches are local students from nearby high schools, so they’re not only skilled coaches, but also neighbors and friends.

The one-on-one training provided by high performers in your neighborhood can help your child improve their performance within youth sports programs while also giving them role models to look up to.

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What can I expect from P2P?

Parents of young athletes can expect quality one-on-one lessons and clinics from an elite high school athlete.

Player2Player coaches go through a strict screening process where they must prove their experience with one or more sports and demonstrate that they are responsible and disciplined to provide quality, structured lessons for their athlete.

How do I book a lesson?

You can book a lesson here on our website by using the SEARCH COACHES option on the main menu or the BOOK A LESSON option on the main menu. If you would like help being matched to the right coach for your young player, send Frisco’s Area Coach Director an email.

What is the right age for a youth athlete to participate?

If the youth player is a beginner in Kindergarten and has never picked up a ball (or bat or pom pom or golf club) or they are an advanced 8th grader ready to sharpen their skills to nail their next tryout, Player2Player is a fit.

What Frisco ISD schools are the coaches from?

Player2Player’s coaches hail from these high schools:

  • Reedy High School
  • Wakeland High School
  • Frisco High School
  • Centennial High School
  • Independence High School
  • Emerson High School
  • Lone Star High School
  • Lebanon Trail High School
  • Heritage High School
  • Memorial High School

Frisco high school sports programs are known for their commitment to developing students’ character as a foundation for their role as leaders in the community.

What conference do Frisco ISD high school athletes compete in?

Frisco ISD high schools are all part of the University Interscholastic League’s 5A conference. The conference includes schools across the state, providing plenty of competition in which high school athletes can prove their abilities.

Where are the lessons located and how long are they?

It’s convenient for parents to choose the best location and time for them for their 1-hour lessons. Coaches provide equipment for instruction and will come to the player’s home or another designated location, like a neighborhood park.

Do you have sports camps or clinics?

Yes! In addition to one-on-one coaching lessons, Player2Player hosts clinics for groups of players and coaches to learn, play and connect. Look for those to happen on school holidays, including tons of great stuff over the summer to keep young athletes active and learning their favorites sports, and maybe even a new one!

Can siblings or friends join the lesson?

Yes! We love to have siblings and friends join our lessons and clinics. During booking, you can add an extra participant to your lesson, which means 2-5 players can attend the same lesson together and at a reduced group cost compared to individual lessons.

What kind of P2P sports camps/clinics are offered in the Frisco area?

Player2Player’s sports camps and clinics in Frisco include reaction and agility clinics, dance and cheer prep camps, and many team sports camps. All of these clinics are offered year-round, and they’re a great way to supplement youth sports programs at all grade levels K through 8. More information can be found under CLINICS AND EVENTS.

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Ready to Coach?

If you are a high school athlete and think you have the skill set to coach the next generation of athletes in your community, we want to hear from you. Explore the testimonials page and check out the steps to become a coach to get started.


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