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Winston Jefferson


Winston Jefferson

Coaching categories

Speed & agility, Track, Soccer


Speed & agility:
Speed & Agility

Sprinter, Long Distance, Field Events

Midfielder, Forward, Defender

Key accomplishments

My name is winston jefferson, I am a senior at Wakeland and also the class president for the class of 2023. Since my freshman year, I have been a varsity runner for Wakeland track and have always had podium finishes for all of my aces. In track, I currently run 300m hurdles,110 hurdles, high jump,400m relay, and 200m dash. As a track runner, I know that running can be hard to find the motivation for, and challenging so as a coach I will bring energy into every lesson I do to make sure that running is not only fun for the athlete, but educational so that they can have a good time during lessons but also learn the skills needed to be an exceptional track runner. I have also participated in soccer since I was six years old and played for Wakeland soccer before deciding to commit to running track, and have learned the skills needed to become an extraordinary soccer player. Outside of the field, I am an actor and a student council member that enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends. I have a strong passion for athletics and my main goal is to help other kids find a love for sports as well.

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